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Me. Like a boss. A boss with glasses. by crescentmoon232 Me. Like a boss. A boss with glasses. :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 1 0
Idea For an Horror Story
"The Vacuum" is a nice name, though.
Janet was having a creepy, strange dream. The stranger is the fact: She couldn't wake up.
She was not anywhere troubling, disturbing, along with people with a mind full of disturbing thoughts. In fact, she was in a vacuum, not even oxygen to fill their lungs. She did not miss anything - food, water, people, nothing. She was better than ever, as if back in the womb. But that is not the uterus - is the new definition for the word "nothing."
She learned the definition of physical vacuum, and it fits perfectly. His eyes, blurred, only saw darkness. And a fine mist, like dust or glitter or anything lighter than air. Even sounds, actually. It's one of those agonizing silences, almost noisy, that fill the ear and give you want to scream. But she could not scream, too. She could open her mouth and make her vocal cords vibrate, but no sound was heard. Actually, it was the same comfort of a womb.
What can happen?
:iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 0 0
Laura by crescentmoon232 Laura :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 0 2
Can you read my mind? - Part 3
The darkness was fading slowly, and Darwin craned his neck toward the voice. He imagined something that would make he pee in his pants, but saw only a common blonde teenager, looking a bit unfriendly and which had a long and deep scar that  almost disfigured his face. When he dragged a little (one of the monsters had virtually sat on him, and he had no strength or courage enough to push it away), noted another characteristic of the boy: he had golden and terrible eyes, which regarded as if could destroy him in a second. Darwin had already heard about yellow eyes, but that didn't make any sense, so he got convinced that the boy wasn't exactly a boy.
- Arrest him. - Said the boy, with that same terrifying and disproportionate voice. The monster that was on top of Darwin stood up and shook his neck, while two others grabbed his arms and legs. It wasn't necessary more than one creature to immobilize Darwin, but the boy was bizarre and, apparently, very exaggerated too. Darwin loo
:iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 3 4
Can you read my mind? - Part 2
Now they were walking along a road open, which was strange because the forest seemed to be completely closed. Darwin had taken a long branch and was rubbing some fallen leaves with it. The sound made when the leaves shave was too irritating even for him, but he wanted a weapon, and was sure that Ethan had one. Ethan walked beside him, one hand holding the scabbard and the other pressed against his forehead.
- Release this worthless piece of wood and hold it, - he said, forcefully, and held a small knife that was inside his backpack. - Not much, but enough for you to stop bothering me, I guess.
Darwin took the knife, smiling, and slipped it in one of the many pockets of his pajama pants. Still, he didn't leave the branch, and continued producing the noise unbearable. - I don't think that I'm bothering you, sweetie .
Ethan made a grimace, but didn't insist, and kept walking with his head down. – I'm. Not. Your. Sweetie. - He muttered, and then raised his voice again, sober. – W
:iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 2 2
Can you read my mind?
Darwin woke up in the middle of a forest, lying in dry grass, his body aching all over. He didn't remember been loaded or something, but there were red and purple marks around his back. So why didn't he wake up? He only remembered lying on his bunk and falling asleep too fast. Ok, so it was poison, a kind of anesthesia. He looked up and realized that the weak sun shone through the branches, then it was dawn or dusk. That wasn't the Half-Blood Forest, he could feel. So where was him? How long he had been unconscious? He heard a noise coming from behind some bushes and huddled with the rest of his remaining strength, moaning in pain. Shrubs, contrary to his expectation, he saw a boy eye patch, sword sheathed. The boy approached reluctantly unsheathing his sword and poking Darwin with the tip of it.
- Oh! Guard this crap! - Darwin yelled, pushing the sword with one hand less painful. The boy staggered a bit, but then returned to near Darwin, intrigued.
- So, you're alive. And you're stron
:iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 2 0
Darwin Serialimis
Full Name: Darwin Serialimis
Meaning:  Darwin: "dear friend", but he's called so because of Charles Darwin, the scientist who wrote "The Origin of Species". I guess Athena would like this name. Serialimis: the inverse of the French word "similaires" , that mean similar. He is very similar to me. He shouldn't have a last name, as son of two gods, but it would be weird
Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Current Residence: Camp
Age: 14
Gender:  Male
Height:  4'11
Weight:  118
Blood Type:  A
Nationality:  Canadian
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Birthday:  April 12, 1997
Chinese Zodiac:  Ox
Compatibility:  Bear or Pig
Greek Zodiac:  Aries
Ruling Planet(s):  Mars
Element:  Fire
Hair Color:  Blonde
Hair Type:  He has wavy, thin hair and is too lazy to cut, but it doesn't grow more than the shoulder height
Eye Color:  Sea-green
Eye Sight: 
:iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 1 18
Emoticons - Thaleo by crescentmoon232 Emoticons - Thaleo :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 2 0 Me by crescentmoon232 Me :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 0 3 Emoticons : Gruniper by crescentmoon232 Emoticons : Gruniper :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 2 2 Demoniac Cow by crescentmoon232 Demoniac Cow :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 0 0 Emoticons : Ethoe by crescentmoon232 Emoticons : Ethoe :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 3 4 Gomenasai by crescentmoon232 Gomenasai :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 0 0 My life sucks . by crescentmoon232 My life sucks . :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 0 14 Emoticons : Ethan Nakamura by crescentmoon232 Emoticons : Ethan Nakamura :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 0 11 Emoticons : Lukalia by crescentmoon232 Emoticons : Lukalia :iconcrescentmoon232:crescentmoon232 1 9

Random Favourites

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I'm an ordinary person who likes writing, reading, fangirling and dislikes taking photos and laughing at negligible things. It's very, very hard to me to describe myself, although I'm not very complex.

Stuff about me you NEED to know:

I'm Brazilian and my first language is portuguese.

I'm a Delirium's servant in her kingdom.

I'm daughter of Athena.

I was a Huntress til get a boyfriend. GABRIELILOVEU!

I'm a Ravenclaw.

I'm from District 4.

I'm an E-Kat.

I'm creep.

I like old music, but I'm not obsessed.

I'm Laura.

I'm 14 and my B-Day is 15th may.

I'm Charlize Theron at CHB.

I can't drawn arms, legs and everything.

I like cursing myself and the stuff I like and do.

I can't write a romantic story without putting a bit of horror and violence.

I can't write ANYTHING without horror.

I hate what happened with my pic. Can I fix it?

Current Residence: Enchanted Florest
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Marceline
Personal Quote: "Libidinous."
I'm back, now it's for real. I'm working on a serie of new writing, none of them fanfics. I'm sorry. But I may finish Darwin's one.

I will never drawn again. Sorry, but I'm being rational.

Well, I had many reasons to leave. Like, school.

But now I'm back.
  • Listening to: Lana Del Rey. Because she's actrattive.
  • Reading: The Girl Who Played With Fire (Millenium Series)
  • Watching: Grimm
  • Playing: Point-And-Click games.
  • Eating: Human meat
  • Drinking: Pepsi



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